The Subaru Story

Awards and Accolades

Take a look at the impressive list of awards given Subaru!

Subaru History

The 360's "cheap and ugly" image was perfectly suited to an era when prices were low enough to make jaws drop open in amazement today.

Subaru Eyesight Technology

A new test program by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) rates the performance of front crash prevention systems to help consumers decide which features to consider and encourage automakers to speed adoption of the technology.

Subaru and The Environment

At Subaru, protecting the environment is just as important as protecting our passengers. That's why we build fuel-efficient vehicles in ecologically-minded plants.

Subaru Badges
Subaru owners are known for living life to its fullest and love to share their interests with others. Now you have a unique way to let other Subaru owners know what you enjoy most with your own Badge of Ownership. Whether you drive a sporty Impreza WRX, or STI, or a rugged Subaru Forester, Legacy, or Outback wagon, you have a story to tell.


Subaru and Disabled Drivers
This program provides reimbursement assistance up to $500 for
necessary vehicle modifications due to medically recognized
physical disabilities.

Subaru Saved My Life

. I carry a picture of the car to remind myself of how lucky I am (plus I have limp to remind me, too). Time to start saving for a new Subaru. -Brandon May., San Antonio, TX

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