My Subaru Saved My Life...

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  I hit the divider head-on at 60 mph. *

My grandparents bought this car because our previous Oldsmobile had a few too many problems. I loved the Outback  from  day one... so I took it over, especially when I started college. Never had any major problems with it and it was a nice easy ride. Then February 8, 2008, while trying to exit the highway on a temporary ramp due to construction, I hit the divider head-on at about 60 mph. 'My Subaru saved my life,' and I was lucky enough to have only broken my left leg and tear some ligaments. I carry a picture of the car to remind myself of how lucky I am (plus I have limp to remind me, too). Time to start saving for a new Subaru. -Brandon May., San Antonio, TX

  Our Subaru saved both our lives. *

I was driving a 1991 Subaru when I found out I was pregnant! We decided it was time to upgrade. We signed a two-year lease on a new Legacy. In September of 2008 I was six months pregnant when a woman made an illegal left turn and I went head-on into the side of her car. They took me to the hospital but to make a long story short: I was fine and my baby was fine. Our Subaru saved both of our lives. My car was totaled and a few days later we got another new Legacy (this time in the color I wanted). Three months later I had my perfect baby boy, Jackson. Our lease is up in three months and when my husband asked me what we were going to do I said, "Upgrade to the Tribeca," seeing as I'm a Subaru customer for life now! -Jennifer Chatel Rose., Lafayette, CO

  I was driving up I-80 when an earthquake occurred. *

A four-foot boulder came down the hillside and I collided with it going around 60 mph. I am lucky to be alive because I was lucky enough to buy a Subaru -Robert P., Reno, NV

  My Subaru was totaled but everyone was OK. *

On June 28, 2010, I was driving back home from work. It had been raining a lot that day. On an intersection by my house a woman in a '09 Chevy Suburban made a left-hand turn and cut me off. I was not able to stop in time because the road was wet and I hit the Chevy on the passenger-side doors. My Subaru was totaled that day. Everyone in the accident was OK. While I was in the car all I could think about was that my Subaru saved my life. That commercial that you have on TV is real to me because it happened to me. I am glad that I owned a Subaru because that day it saved my life. Everyone I have talked to since the accident said I am like that commercial because I always say my Subaru saved my life. Thank you Subaru for saving my life. -James Santiago., Yorktown heights, NJ

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