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Mark Johnstone

Mark and his family purchased the Subaru dealership in 2001. They also own a very successful courier business in New Hampshire. The family is well known for it's emphasis on customer service as well as its reliable and affordable programs. Mark is an avid sportsman and enjoys playing an occasional round of golf...he also is a former football player...go Pat's!

Scott Ives
General Manager

Scott joined the staff at Belknap Subaru in November of 2008. His passion is customer service and improving customer access to all the products and services offered at Belknap Subaru.

"The team is everything...we strive to keep excellent personnel, and offer our customers experience, quality, and convenience." We listen and build our services around our customers suggestions and comments."

In an effort to constantly improve our business we encourage comments and suggestions on how we might make things better for you, please give him a call or drop him an e-mail.

Secret-Scott was a former singer for a rock really!



Susan Croft
Office Manager

Susan brings great value to our administrative staff. She is knowledgeable and has great experience managing the day to day financial dealings of our business. Our vendors are happy to work with this outgoing and good-natured member  of the Belknap Subaru team! Secret...Susan has a sweet tooth for dark chocolate...

Carrie Riley
Administratiive Asst.

If it needs to be done well...Carrie does it! She works hand in glove, with Susan Croft, to process the work in our office. If you need an answer to an important question, Carrie can chase it down!



Mark Mallahan
General Sales Manager

Mark Mallahan is the General Sales Manager at Belknap Subaru. Mark is a national leader in customer satisfaction. He has a passion for creating an environment that is comfortable and customer friendly...Secret...Mark is a sports fanatic...his daughters are very talented athletes!

Don Clough
Sales Manager

Picture is a beautiful and perfectly calm day on the water around Moultonborough, a light breeze is blowing from the east and all is right with the world. This is exactly how you might run into Don on one of his days off.

Don and his family love the outdoors, in the summer he Kayaks, in the winter he will be found on the slopes of one of New Hampshire's scenic mountains. Don has a great eye for pictures...although he maintains his amateur status...his photographs have been featured on WMUR, You Local, and

At work you will find Don right at home explaining the benefits of owning a new Subaru or researching one of our top flight used vehicles. Don has been an automotive professional for over 30 years. He has represented several manufacturers and found a home with Belknap Subaru. Don says "he loves the customers, because of their strong commitment to this car. Once they find Subaru, they rarely own anything else."

Because of knowledge and experience, Don also plays a important role in preparing and marketing our pre-owned vehicles. He works hard to make sure only the best vehicles make it to our front line!

David Elliott
Sales Professional

David is a professional...he is one of the best in New England. He is well known for outstanding customer service, and excellent product knowledge. David's customers tell us"they feel more like family." David is very careful to help his customers find a car that really works for them, rest assured, you are in good hands with David Elliott! Fun fact...David has a passion for his motorcycle, and can be found taking long rides, when he is not helping his customers at Belknap Subaru!

Eric Natal
Sales Professional

Since joining the sales team, Eric has quickly become one of the leaders. His friendly and forthright style, make him a favorite with his customers. Eric was formerly in the food, and beverage industry, and enjoys cooking! He has a wife and two children  and has lived in the Lake's Region for the last nine years.

Customer service is a special passion for Eric..."I like seeing customers get a vehicle they love, at a price that feels good." Eric is a product knowledge all-star. "Sharing the amazing things Subaru offers is my passion, I really enjoy the details, and it helps my customers get the most out of their car!"

Eric would like to invite his friends and family to visit him at his home! Secret...when not at his desk at Belknap Subaru, you might find him boating with his family!

Nate Barnett
Sales Professional

Nate Barnett is a hard worker. He throws himself into everything he does with an enthusiasm we love. Nate is knowledgeable, fun to work with, and has enough energy to make the energizer bunny jealous. In his off hours Nate Loves sports. He plays Indoor Football, loves snowboarding at the local ski areas, and come summer time, you'll find him wake-boarding on the big lake! He tells us he is  pretty serious about disc golf, and fishing, and four wheeling, are just a few more of his passions. Nate is becoming a solid product knowledge expert...if he doesn't know the answer, he'll get the right one for you! If you haven't met Nate yet...stop in and say hi...Nate will give you a great tour of his new home at Belknap Subaru!

Jon Ives
Sales Professional

Jon is an excellent addition to our sale's team. He is a New Hampshire native but had been living down south, in West Virginia. Missing his family, and the call of his home, he returned, and has coupled his love of automobiles with a great personality, and a desire to help people find and purchase a good car. Jon is an expert, when it comes to product knowledge, and he invites friends, and family, to pay him a visit at his new home Belknap Subaru!

Kyle Boynton
Sales Professional

Kyle is a very good man...A Marine reservist...he serves his country, and his customers, with a commitment to each, that is impressive. Kyle has thrown himself into learning the cars, their features, and the unique Subaru personality. He knows what makes a Subaru a Subaru. We are proud to have Kyle on the Belknap Subaru team team!

Jake MacDonald
Sales Professional

Jake has joined Belknap Subaru...and is eager to help his friends, and family discover the joys of Subaru ownership! Please drop by and visit Jake in his new home!

Justin Vos
Sales Professional

Justin knows his way around a kitchen...and he is learning his way around the Subaru products. He is a friendly, intelligent, and helpful person, who enjoys striking up a good conversation, and demonstrating the Subaru product...please take a moment to say hi to Justin!



Brian King
Business Manager

Always smiling...always willing to help...that's what our customers say about Brian! Brian works as one of our two Business Managers. Brian helps our customers to complete the purchase of their new vehicle! He is an expert on the many products and services offered at Belknap Subaru, and will help you complete all your paperwork! Brian loves riding his motorcycle, when he's not helping customers!

Allen Dunn
Business Manager

Allen is all about customer service. He is knowledgeable about warranty, maintenance, and the best way to finance and lease a vehicle. Please stop by with any questions you may have...



Beth Gleason
Service Manager

Beth is...well...incredible! We hear compliments all the time about this hard working member of our staff. Beth helps our customers at the service desk, and our service staff, to deliver high quality work, at very affordable prices! Her expert work has earned her national acclaim as one of the finest service professionals in the country! She is always cheerful and ready to help ! Secret...Beth loves kids and is the balloon-lady at Belknap Subaru!

William Oconnell
Service Advisor

Bill is committed to being one of the best in his profession. He is a quick study, understands customer service, and wants to be the person people turn to, when they need help with their vehicle.

Bill is an avid paintballer, he enjoys the adrenalin rush of friendly competition, and hanging with friends. Please pay Bill a visit if you are in the neighborhood!

Michael Smith
Service Advisor

Meet Michael...a personality that you just have to like. His smile, and his customer service are superb...if you haven't met him yet...please stop by, and welcome him, to the group that puts you first!

Michael Morang
Express Service

Mike is always ready to serve. Express Service is a no appointment, quick service lane, specializing in basic maintenance, done right, done fast. Stop by and give the a try!

Patty Jones
Express Service

Patty is  a member of our Express Service appointment needed oil changes, and maintenance! Stop by and say hello to Patty! You will find Patty, eager to help, and always wearing her signature smile!

Express Team
Express Service Techs

The men, the myth. and the service legends...service done quick, done right, no appointment necessary!

Service Staff
Technicians and Support

Artie, Angus, Charlie, Colby, and Rick  have several decades of Subaru experience. They have been ASE certified, and factory trained, and certified, to keep your car in tip-top-shape.

Because we are growing, we have added Express service, quick, and easy,  Evan and Nick are eager to help you get quickly on your way. Our techs enjoy speaking with our customers, whenever there are questions regarding the mechanical health of your car. 

Our team are experts in making cars look awesome. They will wash, and clean your car, to complete a perfect visit. Trust us to do the job right the first time!



Allen Wright
Parts Director

Allen is a long time resident of the Lakes Region and a man who believes in community service. He has an enviable record of helping in all sorts of places where help is needed. His expertise in parts and service make him an elite member of our team. Secret...Allen has an amazing memory!

Shea Santy
Asst. Parts Manager

Shea is an amazing addition to the Belknap Subaru Parts Team. Shea will be assisting Allen Wright in the day to day operation of the parts department. He has an excellent background in customer service, and we welcome him to our team!

Russ Lugton
Parts Advisor

Belknap Subaru welcomes Russ Lugton,  to our team. Russ has many years experience, working on the Part's counter. He brings a cheerful disposition, and  a friendly helping hand, at our part's counter. Stop in ,and say hi to Russ!

Robert Solomon
Parts Advisor

Meet Robert Solomon...when it comes to parts, Robert is an expert! If you need some assistance with Subaru parts, or factory accessories, Robert is your man...visit him at our Subaru parts counter!

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