Spring is Here! Is Your Subaru Ready?

Tilton can rejoice! Now that the cold and snowy New England winter is over, it's time to enjoy the warm sun... even if there is a little rain. (At least it's not snow, right?) Now that spring is here, is your Subaru ready? Belknap Subaru is happy to provide spring maintenance tips so you can enjoy the drive.

Tip #1: Get an oil change! Clean out the dirt and debris that has collected in your engine over the winter. Not only will an oil change improve your engine's health, but also its fuel efficiency. Bring your vehicle through Subaru Express Service for a quick oil change. No appointment needed!

Tip #2: Have your brakes inspected. Winter salt is great at preventing icy roads... not for preventing rusty brakes. If needed, have your brake pads and rotors replaced. Make sure your brakes are expertly serviced by scheduling an appointment with our Subaru Car Repair and Service Center.

Tip #3: Replace your winter tires with summer or all-season tires. Winter tires are specifically designed to perform on cold and snowy roads, and will wear down faster in hot weather. But summer tires are built to handle hot, summer driving. Find the perfect set of new tires for your Subaru through the Belknap Subaru Tire Center.

For all of your spring maintenance needs, the Belknap Subaru team is eager to serve drivers in Concord, Manchester, Laconia, and Plymouth. Bring your Subaru in today!

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