Stop Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is no joke, 23% of all automobile accidents involved hand held devices, and over 3,000 deaths.

Here at Belknap Subaru, we have the highest regards for the safety of our owners. For the past four years the IIHS has recognized Subaru as the only manufacturer with a Top Safety Pick for all models. We want to encourage our owners to take precautions to know, and avoid  the risks attached with texting and driving. We've all done it, whats a quick "Lol" to a friend going to do? IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!! Anything can happen in the time it takes you to look down to send that message. A child could run into the street, the light could switch to red, there are too many tragic horror stories that were the result of a distracted driver, who couldn't wait to send a text.

Besides the moral, and ethical problems, associated with texting, and driving, the New Hampshire state legislature has banned this dangerous activity in all motor vehicles. 

For most of us, will-power alone, will not stop us from the temptation of sending a message. Here are some tools and apps that will prevent the temptation....


   Airplane Mode 

was originally created for mobile users traveling on airplanes for the purpose of not interfering with aircraft avionics. Airplane mode turns off a devices signal transmitting functions without turning the phone off itself.


- Prevents users from sending or receiving text messages or calls

- Free and easy to use (go to your devices settings)


- Completely reliant on self- will

- Users can still be distracted by other programs within the device, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ext. 

- Only for Apple Users

 ($29.99 one time charge)

Textecution was designed for parents or employers to prevent their children or employees from texting and driving. This app disables texting once the device is traveling more then 10 MPH.


- insure the safety of your children/ employees

- reduce liability risks for your employees

- Request Override function allows the user to ask the installer to temporarily uninstall if they are in a car and not driving

- does not track location


- does not prevent calling

- Overrides will not always be in a timely manner

- Android app only!! (not available on the IPhone)   

- Cost$$$$

Designed for employers or parents, Kyrus prevents distracted driving by employees or teenagers to reduce risk and minimize liability. The technology attaches a mobile phone via Bluetooth  to a vehicle and immediately disables the phone when the vehicle begins to set in motion. When the Vehicle comes to a complete stop the phone is immediately available for use. 

- Flexible plans that allow company/ parents to decide whether to allow full phone usage or hands free calling at times

- administration panel includes dashboard and reporting system that provides reports to enforce policies

- detailed audit trail for insurance and legal purposes

- works on Blackberry, Android and Apple products


- Employees/ teens may not like their driving to constantly be monitored

Price is unavailable online

Coming Soon.... Drive Mode!!

Drive mode much like airplane mode is currently being developed and designed by Apple. It will connect the phone to a vehicles blue tooth setting disabling texting while the vehicle is in motion. If an incoming message is sent to the phone there won't be a alert until the car is stopped and the sender will recieve a message like the one below....

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