When Was the Last Time You Rotated Your Car's Tires?

Is it time for the tires on your Subaru to be rotated? Periodically rotating your vehicle's tires is an important and often overlooked element of tire safety and upkeep.

Tire rotation involves routinely repositioning your tires from either front-to-back or side-to-side, depending on the treadwear.

In addition to that, tire rotation is often a requirement in order to keep your vehicle's tires covered under warranty. Keep reading to learn more about tire rotation, why rotation patterns are critical, and what the correct pattern for your Subaru.

Tire Rotation Defined

Some people may be under the false impression that tire rotation is merely a thrifty way of changing out worn out front tires for those on the rear that still have some good tread left.

However, you should rotate your vehicle's tires about every 5,000 miles or so, which is usually recommended by the manufacturer. For Subaru owners, this means you should make rotating your tires a routine part of getting your vehicle's oil changed.

Regular tire rotation allows our service team here at Belknap Subaru in Tilton to visually inspect them for excessive wear-and-tear or damage.

Other bonuses that come with regular tire rotation is having the air pressure checked, having their tread depth checked, and getting them rebalanced if our service team notices a vibration.

Other Reasons Why Tire Rotation Is Important

There are a few reasons why having your Subaru's tires rotated on a routine basis is an important part of your vehicle's regular care.

Firstly, when you have your tires rotated on a regular basis, your tire's treadwear will be spread evenly across all four tires, resulting in longer tread life. The logic behind this is due to the fact that each position of your vehicle requires a certain amount of work from each tire.

Take the tires on a front-wheel-drive vehicle, for example, that are required to handle a significant portion of the vehicle's torque and friction when turning, cornering, accelerating, and braking.

And generally speaking, front tires are always going to take more abuse than the rear tires, whether or not the vehicle is front-wheel-drive or not.

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