Genuine Subaru Parts perform better, longer.

Genuine Subaru Maintenance Parts meet the same rigorous specifications as the parts installed on new Subaru vehicles, so you can be confident they'll perform like new. They'll also perform better than aftermarket parts, and fit correctly for fast,
trouble-free installation. Priced competitively and readily available at your Subaru dealer, Genuine Subaru Maintenance Parts will help your vehicle leave the shop performing like it just left the showroom.

Routine maintenance, yes. Absolutely.
Routine maintenance parts? Never.

Without regular maintenance stops, even a vehicle as well designed as a Subaru will quickly lose that "new car" feeling. Scheduling routine maintenance with trained professionals is crucial, but what if your technician wants to maintain your Subaru with aftermarket parts? Insist on Genuine Subaru Maintenance Parts instead. While aftermarket parts can save a few dollars up front, you may pay for it later
with poor performance and shorter service intervals. Ill-fitting or incompatible aftermarket parts may even cause costly damages?and require further repairs.

Oil Filters

Manufactured to rigid Subaru specifications,Genuine Subaru Oil Filters feature resin-impregnated filter materials for high contaminant-holding capacity and excellent filtration.

Air Filters

Superior filter materials include cellulose, synthetic fibers, and thermoplastic resins for superior filtration efficiency. Fuel Filters High contaminant-holding capacity and
stainless steel construction combine to protect internal components and prevent leaks.

Engine Drive Belts

Fiber-loaded reinforcement ribs resist wear and cracking, and thermally active tensile cords provide maintenance-free performance.

Brake Pads
Constructed from materials formulated for use with Genuine Subaru Brake Rotors, Genuine Subaru Brake Pads help prevent brake judder, noise, and excessive heat build-up, all of which can impair stopping effectiveness.

Copper Spark Plugs

The industry's largest (2.6mm) center electrode lengthens service life. A solid copper core protects against low-speed fouling and pre-ignition, while a high-aluma ceramic insulator resists cracking at high temperatures.

Platinum Spark Plugs

Containing up to twice the platinum found in typical aftermarket plugs, Genuine Subaru Platinum Spark Plugs provide longer-lasting tune-ups, quicker starts, less ignition component wear, lower emissions, and better fuel economy.

Wiper Blades

Unlike many generic brands, Genuine Subaru Wiper Blades are constructed with high-grade steel and natural rubber.

Winter Blades
Genuine Subaru Winter Blades prevent snow and ice build-up on the blade, and ensure a clear view in even the wettest conditions.

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