Sick Battery?

About one in every three batteries fails after three years...

Knowing the causes and warning signs of battery failure can improve your odds
of avoiding it. But knowing exactly how much life is left in your battery means you can virtually eliminate the chance that a dead battery will leave you stranded. The new Subaru Battery Diagnostic Service can help you find out.


Recognize the symptoms:

  • Headlights dim excessively when air conditioning
  • or electrical accessories are turned on
  • Slow or interrupted engine cranking, especially
  • in cold weather
  • Battery requires jump-starting or recharging
  • Instrument panel warning light stays on or
  • flashes intermittently
  • Cracked, loose or squealing alternator belts
  • Battery posts or connecting cables are corroded

Don't get stranded...If you notice any of these conditions, have one of our factory-trained Subaru technicians run a Battery Diagnostic test on you vehicle.

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