Updated precautions: Effective 6/8/21, masks are now optional at Belknap Subaru for vaccinated individuals. Our employees will ask you what you are more comfortable with: if you would prefer our staff to stay masked while serving you, we are happy to follow your lead! Our staff will continue to stay masked while inside your vehicle for sales or service. 

An Open Letter to Our Friends From Belknap Subaru

The COVID-19 virus presents some serious challenges for all of us, and here at Belknap Subaru we are working daily to make the dealership a safe and welcoming place for our customers and community.

To start, the dealership is professionally cleaned daily, and we have an on-staff maintenance person who cleans during the day, wiping door handles and cleaning floors and surfaces that we all use.

The staff has been cleaning their work stations several times a day, and are hand washing, and working as responsibly as possible.

We share your concerns and are working to make any visit you make as safe as is humanly possible, and are focused on your health and safety first and foremost!

We are please to also let you know that we have other options to sure we are here for you during this time.

If you are looking to purchase or lease a vehicle, our website is equipped for you to do everything you need right here online! And, we will deliver the car to your home for your convenience. To take advantage of this easy and seamless experience from your home, please check out the Deal Maker purchasing tools here.

You can view any vehicle on our website and look for the "Deal Maker" icon on the left hand side while on your desktop, or located right below the vehicle information on your mobile phone.

Also, if you need service and do not want to visit the dealership, please give us a call at 1-855-888-1355 and we'll pick up your vehicle, leave you a loaner vehicle, and return yours once it is complete.

In short, working together we can meet your preferences, and keep our exceptional service promise to you! Please call and let us know how to best serve you at this time, and we hope you and your families remain safe throughout this situation.