Brake Pads

Genuine Subaru vs.
Aftermarket brake parts:
No Contest!

  It's no secret that aftermarket brake parts cost a little less than Genuine Subaru Brake Parts. But shouldn't you be considering more than price when considering something as important to your safety? We thought so, so we asked our engineers to compare the quality and performance of Genuine Subaru
Brake Parts with aftermarket imitations.

Also referred to as "shoes", brake pads are steel-backed plates with friction-creating material bound to the surface. When braking, two pads are pressed against the rotor until the vehicle stops.


Shear Strength

This test evaluates the strength of the bond between the layer of friction material and the metallic pad. At both ambient temperature and 300ºC, the Genuine Subaru
bond remained far stronger.

Salt Spray

The aftermarket brake pads developed significant rust damage after a week long salt-spray test. The Genuine Subaru Brake Pads remained rust-free.

Paint Quality

Genuine Subaru paint quality is visibly superior, right out
of the box.

Brake Performance

In a friction performance test at various speeds, Genuine Subaru Brake Pads consistently outperformed the competition. Before and during the heat testing, Genuine Subaru Brake Pads maintained effective braking stability
and less anti-fade characteristics than the aftermarket pads

Brake Rotors

Also referred to as "discs", brake rotors (and the wheels to which they are attached) are brought to a stop by the friction generated when the brake pads
press against them.

Out-of-the-Box Quality

What appears to be dirt on the Genuine Subaru Rotor is actually a preservative oil designed to protect it until installation. What appears to be dirt on the aftermarket
part is actually rust!


Brake "shuddering" is the shaking or vibration that can occur when you step on the brake pedal. It's often caused by brake rotor imperfections, both the "plate thickness", and "sideways shaking". Based on the values below,
which would you rather have stopping your Subaru?

Plate thickness

Plate thickness includes the flatness of the rotor's surface as well. The higher the values, the worse the shuddering.

After a week of continuous driving conditions that included a daily spray of water, the results are clear. The rust-resistant surfaces on the Genuine Subaru protrusion
and outside circumference are nearly rust-free. The aftermarket rotor has rust everywhere except for the sliding surface, the rust around the bolts actually made
it difficult to remove the rotor.

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