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Spring Inspection of Your New Hampshire Subaru Includes Replacing Filters

Road dust, fuel system condensation and engine-oil sludge are unseen enemies that can

cause harm to your engine, or prevent it from working at its best. Your best defense? Visit Belknap Subaru for genuine Subaru filter replacements to help ensure that your engine lives a healthy, high-mileage life. Refer to your vehicle's Warranty and Maintenance Booklet for recommended maintenance schedules.

Oil Filters

Motor oil circulates through your engine to lubricate all the moving parts. Along the way, dirt, grit and fine metallic and carbon particles contaminate motor oil and, if improperly filtered out, may ruin your engine. Today's high-detergent oils are formulated to suspend contaminants until they can be effectively trapped by the oil filter. Regularly changed oil filters protect your engine by removing the suspended particles from your motor oil. If you've ever noticed how much dirtier your car gets with salt, and road grime in the New England winters, you can imagine how much harder your filter must be working in the harshest of seasons.

Fuel Filters

Today's sophisticated fuel injection systems demand clean fuel in order to run smoothly. From the gas tank to your engine, fuel can pick up contaminants like dirt and condensation. If these contaminants are not properly filtered out they will cause reduced engine performance, rough idling and may eventually damage the sensitive fuel injection components. Fuel filters changed using the recommended maintenance schedule can help you avoid expensive repairs.

Air Filters

Your engine needs a great deal of air to run properly. If air is not properly filtered, dust and other suspended particles get into the combustion chamber where they may become lodged between the piston and cylinder wall, causing wear. This may result in loss of acceleration, decreased power and lower gas mileage.

Remember, ALWAYS visit Belknap Subaru for genuine Subaru Filters - your best defense against the most abusive elements. Call us at (603)729-1300, or schedule an appointment online, for a visit this week!

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