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Getting a Good Deal...

The are really only four elements in the process of getting a great deal on a new or pre-owned car of your choosing. They are...

  1. Price of the new (or used) car
  2. Trade-in value
  3. Financing
  4. Overall value


Let's talk about price. At Belknap Subaru we have great transparency. When you shop our  new inventory we display our manufacturer's selling price(MSRP) and dealer invoice on each vehicle. In this manner customers don't have to guess whether the pricing we offer is providing true value.

When searching our used vehicle inventory you will see…

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Corn Chowder and Chilli

October is the beginning of the comfort food season. The weather gets cooler, more rainy days, leaves are falling off the trees, and stomachs begin to rumble for good old fashioned meals. It is my favorite time of year.

In our family we love Sunday football games with our favorite teams, high school, and college athletic events, held outside, you can feel the excitement, these type of events are the perfect settings to bring you home, through the door, ready to catch a whiff of your favorite food!

Last Sunday, my wife was in the perfect mood to create, and…
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Bond...James Bond.

Fast cars, fast women, and danger are the hallmarks of the legendary secret agent 007. Ian Fleming created a character that men aspired to be like, women wanted to be with, and we all enjoyed spying on with voyeuristic glee.

I fell in love with the books which I devoured as a young man, my grandmother took me to a nickle bookstore and I soon acquired them all in paperback. 

My first was Dr. No., I admit Honey Rider looked better in the movie...Ursula stepping out of the surf in that bikini...but I digress. The bad guy had…
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Why Local Theatre?

The Summer Theatre program begins this Tuesday at the Interlakes Summer Theatre in Meredith. The opening production is Nunsensations. They have a great line up, that includes, All Shook Up, Annie, Singin' in the Rain, and a Chorus Line. Each show will bring local flavor to these popular shows.

 The high school players offer highly entertaining renditions of some of the most beloved musical shows in a convenient local venue. One Laker Lane, is the home of these amazing production, nestled right in Meredith. Local theatre enriches the community and allows very talented people living among us to showcase that…
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The World is My Oyster...

The world is my oyster! Jackie Gleason's famous line sums up a philosophy of life that suggests that life is...a pearl! I like the idea that among the myriad of life experiences that exist, letting an opportunity to do something that you've always dreamed of doing, undone, is a waste. There is a country song, I love that talks about a guy who has only a short time to live, and he "went skydiving, Rocky Mountain climbing, and 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu!" The song  implores us to "live like you were dying…
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People you know...

I have been around the block a few times...52 years a resident of the planet earth! This weekend I attended a housewarming party for my niece and her fiance. I  looked around and realized that I had been fortunate to witness the coming of age of the next generation of my family.

I remember that not to long ago we were kissing boo-boos, and worrying about their grades, and praying for them to find their dreams in something good.

As I looked around, I saw the faces of people I love, living good lives, and doing things that made…
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