Staying Current on Battery Maintenance and Brake Repairs May Reduce Out-of-Pocket Expenses

There isn’t anything more important for your car than maintenance and ensuring that necessary repairs are completed timely. Two of the most important services are brake repair and battery maintenance. A car that can’t stop due to faulty brakes is not any good for you or other drivers on the roads of Tilton, and a car that won’t start surely doesn’t hold any value to you as a car owner.

Belknap Subaru is well-known for its state-of-the-art service facility, and our trained technicians are the most-informed by the factory for keeping your car operating at peak levels. When you make a service appointment, you can feel confident knowing that our technicians are fully capable of ensuring that your car meets the automakers’ benchmark for maintaining its quality level on the streets of Laconia and beyond.

Have you ever wondered what really makes your car stop after pressing on the brake pedal? It’s one of those things that are merely just accepted and expected to work, not unlike plumbing. When you turn on the faucet in your home, you expect the water to flow, and more than likely, it’s something that you never give a second thought. While your brakes are much more complex than a water faucet, the level of expectancy is equal for Claremont motorists.

The entire brake system consists of brake pads (front and rear), brake calipers, a master cylinder, brake lines, brake fluid and an array of brake hardware to keep all of the parts functioning in order to make your car stop. With all of those components working at the same time on a daily basis, there is a high potential for wear and tear. Unlike a water faucet and the resources that bring the water to your sink or shower, these components need to be inspected regularly. If there is a need for repairs, they should be done as quickly as possible in order to prevent further damage, which can be more costly than basic wear and tear repairs.

So, how do you know if you need to schedule brake repair? What are the signs? Good questions! Below are the five most common signs of needing brake repairs.

  1. The brake pedal begins to go further to the floor of your car than usual
  2. Abnormal noises, such as squeaking or grinding, after applying the brake pedal
  3. Seeing a pool of brake fluid on the ground while your car is parked
  4. Your car pulls to one side when applying the brake pedal
  5. The brake pedal feels spongy or it pulsates when braking

If any of these signs are noticed, you should immediately make an appointment with our service department, which can be done by using our online service scheduler.

One of the worst feelings as a car owner is being unable to start your car. It can (and usually does) happen at the worst possible time. By having battery maintenance, you’re reducing the possibility of this ever occurring. Your car battery should be inspected to determine if there is enough voltage for the engine to turn over, but also to establish an estimate of lifespan remaining for the battery. All car batteries are coded with a manufactured date for establishing the warrantied timeframe, but a technician may be able to determine if there are indicators of a potential battery failure.

Additionally, the battery should be properly cleaned on a regular basis. Most batteries will produce a certain amount of corrosion on the battery terminals, which can interfere with the connections between the terminals and the battery cables. In fact, this is the number one cause for battery failure. Often times, a good battery is unnecessarily replaced by a car owner because the car won’t start due to corroded battery terminals. However, that may be a preventable cost, simply by having regular battery maintenance.

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