Winter Service At Belknap Subaru

Winter is in full swing here in Concord, NH and it is probably taking a toll on your Subaru. While Subaru's are built for adventure in any kind of weather, our service team is here to give them a little TLC to ensure safe, reliable, and capable performance all winter long.

The most important winter service item that almost all Tilton drivers have down to prepare for snow-covered roads is having their tires swapped over from summer tires to winter tires. Or you may have all season tires that can be used year round. Having the right tires on your Subaru will go a long way to maintaining traction and control during snow storms and on slippery roads. Having your tires rotated will help ensure even wear on the tread and also deliver a smooth performance. Snow and ice can get in the wheel well and around the tires created a vibrating feeling when driving.

With temperatures dropping another important service item to have checked is your Subaru's battery. There is nothing worse than going out to start your Outback or Impreza and finding that the battery is dead. Our service technicians can easily check and replace your battery so your Subaru always starts. A few other small service items that go a long way during the winter includes having your oil changed, replacing wiper blades, filling washer fluid, checking all exterior lights, and washing your Subaru once a month. We know that right after you wash your Subaru it will instantly get dirty, but it is important to regularly wash your vehicle in the winter. Road salt can be very damaging to your paint and undercarriage. You may also be driving around with a couple extra pounds of frozen snow on your Subaru and washing your Forester will help get rid of both.

The service center here at Belknap Subaru is always here to help keep your Subaru running like new for many miles to come. Give us a call to set up and appointment or click here to make an appointment online. And if you short on time our Subaru Express Service lane will get you in and out and back on your way as quickly as possible.

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