Exploring the Subaru Boxer Engine of the 2018 WRX

The 2018 Subaru WRX is a powerful performance vehicle built to take control of the road and give you an exhilarating, unforgettable drive that we are proud to offer at Belknap Subaru. The heart of the WRX is the signature Subaru Boxer engine which provides 268 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque. The Boxer engine is at the base of all Subaru vehicles, and its unique design contributes to the performance and longevity we expect from Subaru vehicles.

What makes the Boxer engine so special? It starts with the design; the compact engine's pistons are horizontally opposed to increase its center of gravity, contributing to better maneuverability, sharper turns, and greater stability. The Boxer engine actually gets its name for the horizontal pistons that move towards each other similar to thrown punches.

Another perk of the Boxer engine is increased passive safety, as the design allows the engine to be mounted lower than most engines; in the event of head-on collsion, the engine is designed to slide beneath the cabin instead of into it. This engine keeps you safe near Concord, NH.

Acceleration is also smoothed out with the Boxer engine, as the opposed pistons' forces cancel each other out, reducing vibrations. It is an impressive design and it gives the WRX one of the smoothest rides in its class. You will notice the difference immediately when you know what to look for, so come test drive a WRX today.

Pairing the Boxer with the available Lineartronic continuously variable transmission gives you a serious performance boost. The CVT is available on all models except the base WRX trim, so enhance your ride today with some premium gear.

If you're interested in the Subaru WRX, stop by our Tilton, NH dealership and schedule a test drive today.

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