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Quality Subaru Vehicles and Service at Great Prices Thanks to Our Selection of Specials

Everyone wants to use their hard earned money well, and find great value buys. Belknap Subaru makes it easier for Tilton drivers to save with our rotating selection of specials. From competitive prices on new and used vehicles, to savings on service and parts, be sure to keep an eye on our current offering.

Our New Car Specials routinely provide Concord, Manchester, Laconia, and Plymouth drivers with a chance to land a great price on their favorite new Subaru model.

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Take Your Subaru Home With a Great Financing Option From Belknap Subaru

Finding the perfect vehicle is a special moment. But finding the right financing option can be a frustrating moment. Luckily, Tilton drivers have the full support of the Belknap Subaru Finance Center team behind them. Take your new Subaru or used vehicle home with a great loan or lease option.

So, should you buy or lease? There are plenty of benefits to both.

For example, when you buy your vehicle, you have equity in it and you can pay it off over time. You can also drive it as much as you want because there aren't any mileage restrictions…

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Spring is Here! Is Your Subaru Ready?

Tilton can rejoice! Now that the cold and snowy New England winter is over, it's time to enjoy the warm sun... even if there is a little rain. (At least it's not snow, right?) Now that spring is here, is your Subaru ready? Belknap Subaru is happy to provide spring maintenance tips so you can enjoy the drive.

Tip #1: Get an oil change! Clean out the dirt and debris that has collected in your engine over the winter. Not only will an oil change improve your engine's health, but also its fuel efficiency. Bring your vehicle…

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Belknap Subaru Offers Affordable Financing Solutions for New Hampshire Subaru Shoppers

If you're in the market for a new or used all-wheel drive Subaru - like the Outback, Forester, Crosstrek Impreza, Legacy or WRX - and unsure what you can afford, come in today and talk with our finance specialists at Belknap Subaru. We serve all of central New Hampshire, including Concord, Manchester, Laconia and Plymouth.

If you're shopping for a new Subaru, one of the first considerations in the purchase process is whether or not it's better to finance or lease your new vehicle. The specialists in our Finance Center are here to help you determine which is the…

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Come to Belknap Subaru for Great Bargains on High-Quality, Low-Mileage Used Vehicles

Whether you're on a tight budget or just trying to find a great price on a low-mileage used car, truck or SUV, searching for a new used vehicle that suits your lifestyle and your wallet can be a time-consuming process.

That's why Belknap Subaru works hard to be the one-stop car shopping resource for used car buyers. We have a large inventory of used vehicles to begin with, including regular used specials on all types of vehicles. But we also have a great selection of low-mileage used cars, as well as our bargain inventory: vehicles priced under $15…

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AutoGuide Reviews the All-New, Redesigned 2017 Subaru Impreza: An Impressive Compact Contender

Subaru's entry-level model is the all-wheel drive Impreza, a compact car that's available either as a four-door sedan or a five-door hatchback, and has proven to be wildly popular with younger drivers and couples who are embarking on their own life journeys. The all-new 2017 Subaru Impreza is a fully-redesigned model which, according to a new review from AutoGuide, offers an even better driving experience, more room in the cabin and a big upgrade on the technology front.

The 2017 Impreza is built on Subaru's new global platform, an enhanced vehicle architecture that delivers...

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Belknap Subaru Has Great Deals on Pre-Owned, All-Wheel Drive Forester, Impreza and Legacy Models

If you need a reliable, durable and affordable all-wheel drive vehicle to navigate New Hampshire winters as well as White Mountain backroads, come to Belknap Subaru in Tilton, NH for our selection of top-rated pre-owned models like the Forester crossover, the compact Impreza and the midsize Legacy. Subaru, which famously includes all-wheel drive as a standard feature on all but one model, is practically the state car of New Hampshire.

At Belknap Subaru, our pre-owned Subarus are as popular as our new Subaru models, because the brand is so well-known for the longevity of its...

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Winter Weather Drivers: Come to NH's Belknap Subaru

If you live in New Hampshire, or any of our three neighboring states for that matter, you know that driving in winter weather can be challenging, if not exciting. That's why many of our state's savviest drivers rely on all-wheel drive Subaru vehicles - like the Outback, Impreza and Legacy - to get back and forth to work; transport kids to school and activities; and take weekend adventures to ski, snowboard, snowmobile or hike in the White Mountains.

Belknap Subaru, centrally located in Tilton, NH, has a great selection of affordable, pre-owned Subarus currently in stock, including...

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For Car Care, Little Things Count: Use Belknap Subaru's Express Service for Minor Maintenance Needs

When was the last time you checked your oil level, the wear on your tire tread or that nagging "check engine" light that seems to randomly flicker on and off? On their own, each of these seemingly minor issues on your Subaru vehicle is just - minor. But little things become bigger things, and on a car bigger things become expensive repairs.

That's why Belknap Subaru created its Express Service Center - to help you stay on top of all the little maintenance issues before they become bigger issues. We're set up to perform tasks like oil changes, tire rotations…

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Winter-Proofing Your Subaru Now Pays Off at the Most Unexpected Times

Has the temperature where you live dipped below 20 degrees yet for a sustained period? Then, yes, you're officially in the midst of a New Hampshire winter. That's why the time is now to check your Subaru to make sure it's fully winterized. You don't want to be in the middle of a long drive back from visiting the grandparents, with kids in the backseat, and have the "check engine" light start flashing, or come up empty on windshield washer fluid in the middle of a freezing rain storm.

That's why Belknap Subaru suggests checking…

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